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Beautiful on the Inside

Confidence has little to do with what you look like on the outside but a lot to do with what you look like on the inside, how you see our self.

How many good-looking people are in reality needy people, we’ve all heard the statement “beauty is only skin deep” sadly that is often true because on the inside they may have a completely different outlook and it will usually show by the choices they make, they look good but have no real self-assurance.  So because outward beauty will only take you so far, as it fades with time so do these types of people.  However someone who is beautiful on the inside continues to grow more beautiful with time.

Paul said we should have no confidence in the flesh because it fades away and can only take you so far if you trust only in the flesh and your abilities it will only be a matter of time before you will fail but if you learn to draw from a continual source of power you can grow stronger and more confident not in your strength but in the true source of power.

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Did you see that!

We have all heard DID YOU SEE THAT!! And sometimes our response is no I didn’t see it I was looking the other way, so they try to explain what they saw and you being disappointed wish you could have seen what it was.

            Many of us would like to have redoes

Hearing about something is great but hearing about it and seeing it is much better it allows understanding and understanding it brings forth fruit.

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Wednesday Night Class with Pastor Les Scroggins.

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The church should be known for having great faith and love.

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